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Bulk SMS Services in Uganda

Genius SMS Group Marketing in Uganda is one of the effective and easiest ways to reach a larger audience in Uganda. The open rate of a text promotion in Uganda is much higher than any other mode of marketing the open rate of an email campaign.

Not just in Uganda, but in most of the country text promotion works the best. With 97% of the opening rate, SMS Marketing stands best compared to email marketing which only has 14% of the opening rate.

Text messaging promotion can be done in Uganda with our Bulksmsonline platform with the best price and great features. You can sign up for free now or chat with our sales support for additional inquiries.

Uganda SMS Gateway Features

Bulk SMS & SMS Marketing
Genius SMS group provides great features such as merge, tracking, and others to send SMS Broadcast to your lists.

Notification SMS Text
Alert your customer with an SMS when they buy, place an order or when their food is packed.

Appointment Alerts
Create appointment alerts that replace manual tasks. Send reminders via SMS and increase your revenue and prevent no-shows.

One time passwords & Two-factor verification
Effective SMS API gateway to authenticate OTP SMS passwords and two-factor verification.

Customer input requests
Customer input requests can be done easily with 2-way SMS

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